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    BootCamp to Install Windows 10 in El Captian, New Process & Avoiding Partition Errors
    Hello everyone, my first post here! My hope is that maybe it will help someone....

    I recently finally successfully installed Windows 10 using BootCamp on my 2015 MacBook Air w/El Capitan, and I had some issues along the way. I also kept finding different / conflicting advice on how to do this properly, so I'll start out with what happened.

    Obtained: Windows 10 ISO, and 32GB Flash Drive

    Made sure I had the latest BootCamp software installed/updated, and after reading what I *thought* were clear directions here's what I did.

    The WRONG WAY to go about it:

    Started BootCamp
    Immediately was greeted with a different screen that what I have seen all over the web - Select ISO location box & Drive Partition Size Slider ( NO Checkbox Option for Support Software, Install, etc)
    Decided to continue regardless
    Selected Lowest Partition Size
    Clicked Continue - Partitioning Started
    Bootcamp Freezes, OS X Freezes, Reboot MacBook

    Went to Disk Utility within El Capitan, and my OS X volume had shrunk 30GB, with the other partition no where to be found. The "Parent" Volume still had over 112GB listed which my OS X volume should have said... (my MacBook has 128gb SSD)
    Ran Diagnostics on the "Parent" Volume - came up with an error regarding the partition table, but it wasn't FIXING the issue.
    More internet research, and panic kicks in. Most site's advice was to "Run OS X install disk" which obv is not an option on MacBook Air, and I read one quick thing regarding Filevalt... EUREKA!

    SO: If you have the same issue with "lost X amount of GB with partition table issues (while having BootCamp issues in El Capitan) here's the fix:

    Restart Mac
    While rebooting Hold Down Command+R Keys
    Goto Disk Utility in Recovery Menu, Select the "Parent" Volume, Run Repair
    Select "Child Volume" direcly under, Run Repair
    Reboot Mac

    And, Here's the correct process of getting Windows 10 installed on a 2015 MacBook Air

    Verify FileVault is turned off
    Verify BootCamp is installed/updated
    Open BootCamp
    Select Windows 10 ISO file (wherever you have it saved)
    Select Windows Partition Size using slider
    Click Start (or Continue)
    Bootcamp will AUTOMATICALLY copy ISO files, download supporting BootCamp software/drivers for windows, and anything else that needs to be done.
    Windows Setup will eventually start up
    Select Language, Location, etc, until you get to a screen with several partitions chosen
    IMPORTANT: Select the BootCamp partition (which should match the size in GB from the slider you adjusted in the beginning.
    Make sure the correct one is chosen, click Format
    Then continue on with the rest of Windows 10 installation
    The MacBook may reboot once or twice, loading up Windows screens automatically
    Lastly, you will the BootCamp Support Software screen, and follow the screens to complete installation
    You will reboot one last time, and installation should be fully complete.

    Personally, I set OS X to start each time (which you can choose in BootCamp in control panel on Windows, or in OS X) but you can also just hold down the Option key while restarting the Mac each time and then select which environment to boot into.

    I apologize for the massive wall of text guys, but with all the different things I was reading about this topic on the web, I figured it would be nice to have it all condensed into one post.

    TLR: Make sure FileVault is TURNED OFF before trying to partition using bootcamp, if it froze and you can't find/delete that new partition boot into recovery and use that Disk Utility to fix partition table issues, and you don't need a flash drive when installing Windows 10 through BootCamp on a 2015 MacBook Air running El Capitan.


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    Good info. Thanks for taking the time to post it. And... welcome to the Mac-Forums.

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    You're welcome, and thanks for the kind welcome to the forums I'm hoping my post can help someone out there if they run into issues, or avoid any issues all together.

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